After working in the retail industry for 15 years for a company whose pride was “BEST PRICE, BEST ADVICE”, who instilled customer service into their staff, it is of utmost importance to us to deliver good quality products at the best possible price.

We know that there are plenty products on the market, but we believe in these products that has been around for years and that is why we selected this range. Our passion is to offer you quality you know and trust.

We want our customers to feel like a child on “Christmas Morning” opening their gifts for the first time, that is the type of JOY we would like to bring to our clients with our selected range of products, having our customers smile when receiving their order.

We Strive to Offer the Best Service and Best Products.

Please Note: A valid TV Licence is necessary to purchase any Television. Your TV Licence will be verified on purchase of any Television.

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